Vintage Musical Instruments

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Christmas Gifts For The Music Lover

Vintage Musical Instruments

Trying to figure out the perfect holiday gift for the music lover in your family? Here are some ideas we found that are sure to please:

Audio Video Table by Versatables. At less than $600, the Audio Video Table, available online, is guaranteed to make any music lover's jaw drop. This "desk" designed to hold multiple computer monitors, speakers, CPUs, and even a full-length keyboard (or other sound editing system) allows the artist to turn his/her room into a sound mixing studio. Additional components can be added to customize the perfect gift. Shipping is free and Versa Products, Inc. offers a lifetime guarantee on every product it sells.

Guitar Center Gift Certificate. If you love music, you love Guitar Center. One of the country's largest musical instrument chains, the store offers instruments, clothing, décor, and more. Ordering online is safe and easy, as with Versa Products' site as well, and Guitar Center offers free shipping on orders of $49 or more.

Concert Tickets. Check out Ticketmaster's website for the latest concerts coming to a venue near you. Tickets and a limo ride to and from the concert is something anyone will enjoy, particularly a music fan. For a fun way to present your gift, present them in an album frame with colorful holiday wrapping paper placed behind the tickets. The frame makes a great gift for collectible album covers after the concert is over. Another fun presentation idea is to purchase a calendar of the recipient's favorite band and mark the concert date inside. Tape the tickets on the date and give him/her something to hang up and look forward to.

Guitar Hero on Xbox. Guitar Hero III made its debut in time for the holidays and is bound to be a popular gift this year. The new cordless guitars make the game even more enjoyable and a whole new set of popular songs will keep your music fan entertained either by him/herself or with friends.

An Apple iPod. Most people have an MP3 player but the latest Apple iPod's can't be beat. They keep getting smaller, sleeker, and considerably more powerful when it comes to downloadable disk space. Several places now sell all kinds of fun accessories for the iPod as well, including speakers and docking stations.

Vintage Concert Shirts. You may not have the easiest time finding these, but amazon and ebay are great places to start. And don't limit your search to just t-shirts. Other memorabilia from famous singers and musicians are available. My sister bought her husband a pair of Dean Martin's cuff links (my brother-in-law is a huge Dean Martin fan), and it was his favorite gift of the season.

Funky CD holder from CD Rack Em. It doesn't have to be funky. With a variety of styles from traditional wooden holders to wavy metal ones, CD Rack Em has a CD holder that will fit the recipient's style regardless of what that style is. Even with MP3s on the rise, true music fans still have a lot of CDs and home made mixed CDs lying around. Why not display them in a way that's aesthetic and functional?

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Vintage Musical Instruments

Restoring Vintage Radios and Music Equipment : Meters for Diagnosing Electronic Circuits

Frequently Asked Questions...

Which Guitar would you buy?

I'm just learning how to play guitar and I wanted to know what would be the better buy for a beginner?

I was thinking of either getting the Behringer metalien guitar pack:


The Fender Squier Vintage Modified Stratocaster SSS in sunburst.

Most people have said that the squier sucks because it is cheap and made in china...but I have heard that this one is a good buy and was made in India.

Which is better for a beginner to learn on?

Thanks for the help


hey i been playing guitar for a lil and i have a epiphone sg special it was only $180 at guitar center it comes in black or red i got the black and it sounds so beautiful with my line 6 amp

here is the link...

good luck

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